Soccer drill to get players making and using space

Making and using space is one of the most important soccer coaching drill sessions you can run with your players. Other coaches will stand and admire as your team scores goals that were started in defence.

Soccer drill to create space at the back

Soccer drill to exploit an open midfield

When you want your team to make use of space in midfield it is sometimes best to play the ball out from the back, rather than rely on your goalkeeper kicking it into a congested midfield.

By playing it along your back line the opposition attackers are immediately drawn forward and out of position, the midfield is then left open for your players to exploit.

How to coach this soccer drill

  • Look at the diagrams for a typical 7-a-side set up for teams at Under-7 to Under-10.

  • In your soccer coaching sessions set up this situation and tell your defenders that before the ball can be played into the attacking half, all three defenders have to touch the ball.
  • The left back plays it up to a midfielder who then has the opportunity to use the space created.

Space gives options for attack

Passing and movements uses the space

  • The goalkeeper plays out to your defender 1 who passes to player 2 then on to player 3.

  • Player 4 makes himself available to take the pass, return the ball and move into the penalty area and gives options with player 6 to attack the goal.
  • The player on the ball has options to pass.
  • The player with the ball has to either play a through ball or combine with the attacker to create a goal-scoring chance.

Key soccer coaching tip

Passing out of defence needs confidence; tell your players it doesn’t matter if they make mistakes when they practising these skills.

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