Soccer drill to get players making blindside runs

Making passes through a line of defenders is one thing, making sure players support the pass so they can take full advantage of it, is another, which is where running off the ball comes into play. Use this soccer drill to help players practise the skills to pass, then  move.

Passing and moving to exploit space behind defenders is vital to the success of a team but you will create nothing if your players pass and don't move.

In this soccer drill you are looking for accurate passing, choice of foot for the pass, how players receive the ball and fitness in turning around for the next set of players to run at them.

drill to get players passing and then making a blind side run

Blind side runner drill

  • Inside a 20 x 20 yard grid, begin with player 1 passing the ball towards player 3 who receives and runs with the ball centrally where player 2 runs in to meet him.

  • While this is happening, player 1 makes a blind side run around the back of the incoming player 3.
  • In the centre, player 3 leaves the ball for player 2 to takeover who then passes one touch to player 1 (the blind side runner).
  • Player 1 passes to player 4 in the centre of the opposite row of players and the players continue their runs beyond them.
  • Player 4 waits for the attackers to run back to the other side so they are in position for the soccer drill to be repeated the other way.

Drill extension

The players should rotate so they experience all positions in the drill. The ball is always played along the ground.

You can advance the soccer drill by making it one-touch, or turning the final pass into a through ball or a shot at a goal.