Soccer drill to get players moving into a pass

One of the ways to make passing more successful – especially between attackers and midfielders – is to get your players moving into the pass so the passer can see the player and easily pass the ball to him. Use this soccer drill to coach these skills.

When players have to pass in tightly-marked areas, it is up to the receiver to move into an area where he can be easily reached. This is not as difficult as it sounds!

Check out this diagram:

Small-sided soccer game to get players to move into a pass

How to run the soccer drill

In the top half of the diagram, the white attacker B is standing in a position behind two dark-shirted defenders where he cannot receive a pass. He decides on a run across the field but just keeps going. He becomes a difficult target to hit, is covered by the third defender and easy to defend against.

In the bottom example, the white attacker B has run into space where he can receive a pass and then has checked back towards his team-mate. This is a much easier pass for attacker A to make, it’s a shorter run for attacker B and now the white team can easily pass the ball between the two defenders.

With a clever turn, attacker B might be able to create a 1v1 or move into an area which threatens the space behind his opponent.

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