Soccer drill to get players passing and moving in tight areas

When you are playing a passing game, it is crucial for any player to be able to pass and move quickly in tight areas, for instance, when they are tight up against the touchline or in a crowded midfield. Use the following soccer training drills to work on these skills with your players.

These soccer drills aim to get players practising moving and passing with speed. They may look simple but they’re not, particularly when your players are trying to be accurate and playing at a fast pace.

Soccer drill to get players passing in tight areas, at speed and accurately

Passing between two groups of three players

The two sets of players should be around six metres apart. X passes to Y then runs to the back of the queue. When the Y players receive the ball, they play it first time to the next X player, then run to the back of their queue.

Players in these training drills must play the ball first time whenever possible, and they should be encouraged to use both feet. Younger players can be allowed to control the ball first, if necessary, then pass with the second touch of the ball.

Advance the soccer training drill

Advance the first drill by adding a team and passing with three teams in the same way, but this time the players run behind the opposing column after they have delivered the pass.

W, X and Y stand in a triangle, six metres apart, with two players in each column behind them. Using one ball, W passes to X who passes to Y then back to W. All passes should be first time. Once again, allow younger players two touches if necessary.