Soccer drill to get players practising passing on the run

One of the reasons why training sessions are so important is they enable your players to advance their technique step-by-step. Helping your players develop from using static soccer passing skills to being able to pass on the run involves getting them to focus on control, accuracy and the correct weight of pass.
Remember, other players are also moving, so if you add anticipation to this list, your players will soon realise it's not as simple as it seems.

Use this soccer coaching session to encourage players to advance their soccer skills from passing while standing still to passing the ball while on the move.

Soccer coaching session to develop passing on the run
Set up passing on the run drill

  • Players A, B and C line up with a ball each and take it in turns to run with the ball.

  • Player A runs for 5 yards and passes using the inside of their foot towards the server [S] who is ready to receive, control and return the pass into the path of player A.
  • You can then advance this so the server must play the ball with one touch. The importance here is the accuracy of the pass from player A on the run.
  • Once players A, B and C have reached the other side of the playing area, they turn and run the exercise the opposite way. This time they need to use their left foot. So the players have to use either foot in this exercise.

Advance the soccer drill

  • In the second part of the drill, the players are moving around the server, who will return passes to them.

  • Players A, B and C have a ball each and play it to the server, who passes it back with one touch so they can run on to the pass.
  • All players jog around the playing area with their ball under control. When the server faces them, they should then make the initial pass.
  • The server shouts out the name of a player so they know it is their turn. They make a firm pass and move.

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