Soccer drill to pass in penalty area

Use this soccer coaching drill session to get your players comfortable playing in the penalty area and not panicking when they are close to goal. This drill concentrates on accurate passing and receiving skills to set up goal-scoring chances.
Faced with a crowded penalty area, your soccer (football) players may just shoot without thinking. However, in some cases, it might be better to chip a ball across the area, catching the defenders out of position and changing the focus of the attack. Use this soccer (football) drill to coach these skills.

What your players need to think about in this soccer drill

  • Concentrate on the quality of the chipped ball.

  • Use good first-touch skills to get the ball under control.
  • Accurate passing skills.
  • Being comfortable in front of goal.
  • Focus on finishing into the goal.

Soccer coaching drill session to get players chipping the ball across penalty area

Run the soccer drill session

  • Player 1, standing on the edge of the penalty area near the goal line, chips ball across the front of the goal to the other side where player 2 is standing.

  • Player 2 uses good control to take the ball out of the air and passes crisply along the ground to player 3, who is on the edge of the area directly in front of goal.
  • Player 3 controls with one touch and shoots with a second touch.

Players should rotate:

1 goes to 2.

2 goes to 3.

3 goes to 1.

Develop the soccer drill

  • Add a goalkeeper to the soccer drill, so that when player 1 chips the ball across the penalty area, he must get the ball over the goalkeeper’s outstretched arms.

  • Add a defender to the drill who can only move when player 2 passes to player 3 to put pressure on controlling the ball and lining up a shot on goal. Player 3 must also shoot past the goalkeeper.

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