Soccer drills for a volley pass and shot

You can kick volleys in different ways, but for the volley pass and shot skills, you need to get your players practising soccer drills where they're in line with the ball, then striking it through the vertical mid-line on the bottom half of the ball but not underneath it.

Soccer drill set up

Kicking a ball off the ground requires your players to develop a specific skill and technique and practise their soccer skills so the ball keeps low and goes quickly. It's easiest to set up a volley pass or shot drill by splitting your group into pairs. Each pair can stand around 10 yards apart.

drill to practise volley pass and shot

One player bounces the ball, then volleys it to their partner at chest height. The second player catches it and volleys it back the same way. After 10 volleys each player switches to the other foot.

How to advance the drill

  • Rather than let the ball bounce, the players drop the ball and strike it before it reaches the ground.

  • Increase the distance between the players. First player drops the ball to volley it before it hits the ground, but this time directs the ball so their partner can volley it straight back. The first player then catches the ball and repeats the drill.
  • Increase the distance again, but this time place a pole between the players, which they have to hit and dislodge out of the ground.