Soccer skills learnt from back street games

Before the days of Xbox or iPod there was a time when kids would get home from school and head off to play on the street with a ball against kids from other streets.

It’s where a lot of the soccer skills that players use today were created and we could all do them.

Many of the top coaches and players in modern-day soccer will tell you how they grew up playing in the back streets with their friends. Playing back street soccer means you try your hardest or your friends will soon get on at you.

That means constantly trying skills, techniques and ideas that you wouldn’t normally do at soccer training – there are no grown-ups to tell you not to do it.

But it’s a dying trend so you have to create an atmospere and give them coaching sessions that bring out those skills.

So the onus is on you to give them the skills and fun they no longer seem to be able to get on their own using drills like this one:

How to play it

Player A passes to player B following behind his pass;

Player B lays the ball off to player A who passes to player C.

Player C plays a long ball to player B who has moved into the position of player A.

Player A ends up where C was and C where B was.

How to advance it

If you reduce the distance between the end positions, you can create fast passing and running to mimic the way players would play in the street.

This session originally appeared in Soccer Coach Weekly.