Unopposed soccer drill to coach support play skills

When you play with just one attacker they often become isolated and focused on getting the ball and kicking towards goal. Trying to get them to look at the bigger picture and use supporting players, usually the wingers, is an important part of an attacker's soccer skills education. Use this soccer drill to help coach these skills.

With most players coaching support skills is down to showing them how to pass wide and look for return passes, explaining that when they get the first ball played to them it's not always the best option to immediately strike at goal.

This soccer coaching drill session is a simple, unopposed workout which gets all your players used to passing the ball between a central attacker and the support players.

Soccer drill to get attackers thinking about support play tactics

Soccer drill to get attackers using support play

Run the soccer drill

  • For this soccer drill organise three lines of players around 40 yards from a goal, which is defended by your goalkeeper.

  • Tell your soccer (football) players to make runs and passes attacking towards the goal in this soccer drill.
  • Your soccer players must take a shot after no more than four passes. This is important in stopping overcomplicated play.
  • As soon as the shot is taken, the next group of three players sets off.

Develop the soccer drill skills

To develop this soccer coaching drill session you can add a pair of defenders.

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