Volleying to score soccer drill

There are some basic soccer skills which your players need to make them better players. One of these is the ability to volley the ball when it is bouncing or from a flighted pass. Use this soccer drill to help.

This is a great skill to use in front of the goal when a well-directed volley will be hard to defend against, especially in youth matches.

This soccer coaching session is all about shooting and scoring goals with volleys and helps you coach your players to develop the technique for doing so. One of the main benefits is being able to hit a volley hard and straight.

What players must think about

  • Look up to see where the goalkeeper is.
  • Head steady, eyes on the ball.
  • Let the ball fall as low as possible.
  • Head and knee over the ball to keep the volley down.
  • Lock ankle, point toes down, use laces.
  • Strike middle to bottom half of ball but not underneath.
  • Hit through vertical midline, keeping leg straight.
  • Use arms for balance.
  • Follow through.

Soccer coaching drill to get players practising volleys

Set up soccer drill

You need a goal and a cone about 20 yards from the goalmouth (vary the distance depending on age and ability) and a lot of balls and ball boys if you have any available.

How to play it

Players line up behind a cone and take it in turns to throw the ball in the air towards the goal, let it bounce then volley the ball into the net.

How to develop the soccer drill

  • Introduce a goalkeeper.
  • Have players throw the ball then volley before it bounces.
  • Add servers to play the ball from the left and right. The servers should throw the ball to the volleyer rather than kick it.

Put it into a game situation

  • Play 4v4 in an area 30 yards by 20 yards.
  • No goalkeepers.
  • Players move the ball by throwing it to each other and each player must take no more than four steps before releasing it. 
  • The opposition can intercept the ball or win it if the team in possession drops the ball.
  • Goals can only be scored on the volley.
  • Award two points for a goal and one for an attempt on goal.
  • Add goalkeepers to make it harder.

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