Unopposed Soccer Drill for Combination Play (Great Set Piece Soccer Tactic)

Using unopposed soccer drills for build-up and combination play in attack is a good way of coaching your players to move the ball, and encourages movement to support the ball as play moves around the pitch.

In this soccer coaching drill, strikers and midfielders combine with a neat lay off and a precise threaded ball to set up a shot across the goalkeeper.

Here’s a visual guide for this tactic:


Soccer drill to move the ball and get players supporting up the pitch

What you need to set up this drill in your next session:

  • Set up a 40 yards by 30 yards playing area with 4 mannequins (poles or cones will do)
  • 2 cones
  • 2 goals
  • You need 8 outfield players
  • and 2 goalkeepers.

This soccer tactic is played in 3 steps

    1. The forwards move away from the mannequin to receive a pass.
    2. The forwards set the pass back to the supporting midfielders.
    3. The midfielders return the pass into space for the forwards to spin and run after. The forwards now shoot across the goal.

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