Basic football shooting drill

This is a great way to get all young football (soccer) players from under 4s through to under 16s having fun in front of goal, they will love trying to score in this basic football shooting drill.

This soccer (football) drill will help players practise their shooting skills as well as penalties, shots on the turn and close range headers.

Basic soccer shooting drill

Tell your players they have to score from two of the chances to go through to the next round. Miss and you’re out.

  • Set the football shooting drill up so that you have a goal with a goalkeeper.
  • You stand on one side of the goal with a helper on the other side.
  • Each player has three chances to score. They are aiming to score with two chances to go into the next round.
  • Start with a penalty, immediately the coach plays a ball to the edge of the area behind the player for a run, turn and shot.
  • One of your helpers then throws the ball in the air to him and he has to score with his head. Play the football drill you have a winner.

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