Coach your strikers to be loners on the pitch

To maximise the skills and success of your young strikers, coach them in soccer drill sessions to become loners on the pitch, making sure they are always on the lookout for any opportunity to take on defenders one-on-one.

Key soccer coaching tips for strikers

  • While it is great to have a striking partner, your strikers also have to learn to operate as lone wolves, far away from the pack. They need to think like a predator.

  • A good tip for your strikers is to spread out because the defenders on the opposing side like congestion. They don't like one-on-ones.
  • Strikers often feed off the scraps of possession so when they do get the ball, they need to be ruthless and show no hesitation.
  • Essential striker skills are taking on and beating the defender — before the defender has time to react. Your strikers also need to have the full confidence and backing of their soccer coach.

What to say to your players

  • “Go where you need in search of goals.”

  • “You need to develop the ability and soccer skills to work on your own.”
  • “Scoring goals can often be a do-it-yourself project because you won’t usually have the support that your fellow players have, in the more crowded areas of midfield and defence.”
  • “As a striker you need to quickly earn the permission to go where you like.”

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