Penalty area game to turn crosses into goals

The penalty area is an exciting place to be, but when football (soccer) players are in there, they need to know how to make the most of their chances. I use this game to give my players the vision to change the point of attack from crosses.

Soccer (football) drill to turn crosses into goals

Key soccer coaching tip

Get your attackers to convert crosses!

One thing I always tell my attackers is, “If your wingers have put the effort in to get beyond the defence and hit a hard, low cross, you have to be there to convert it into a goal.”

It’s no good if players just stand there admiring the cross, they have to meet it, pass it or shoot.

Coach attackers to be prepared

Sometimes the attackers are going to have to head the ball, sometimes it will come to them off a defender and needs to be guided into the net, sometimes they will have to dribble with it or pass to an attacker in a better position. The penalty area is an important place for attackers.

Penalty area game

  • This is a 4v4 game inside the penalty area with a keeper in the big goal and 4 small goals set up on the sides of the area.

  • The white team can score in goal 1 or goal 3 and the grey team in goal 2 or goal 4.
  • A goal scored in a small goal counts as 1 point.
  • Both teams can score in the main goal but only with a header or volley. Scoring in that goal counts as 2 points.

Developing communication and vision

This is a great small sided soccer game to develop awareness in the penalty area as well as finishing, communication and vision. When the keeper makes a save he should throw or kick it high into the air in the penalty area so both teams can compete for it.

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