Run control turn and shoot soccer training drill

Running onto a pass, controlling it, then running with the ball – these core soccer skills are essential in matches, so make sure your young players practise them frequently in their soccer coaching drill sessions.

I use this all-round soccer drill to give my players a good soccer coaching session running with, and without, the ball. This drill is also a good test for running and shooting skills, and helps get your goalkeeper to work on keeping out the sharpshooters.

It looks like a simple soccer drill but it has a lot of elements players will use in matches, such as ball control skills and turning with the ball to set up a shot at goal. You can get the players to practise using their right, then their left foot, or start them on the foot they are most comfortable shooting with.

Soccer training drill to get young players running onto a pass, controlling ball and running, shooting.

Start this soccer drill half way between the penalty area and the half way line. You need to be passing to the players on the left and right of you, who control, run, turn and shoot with the ball.

Drill tips

  • Tell your players they need to time their runs so they reach the first cone at the same time as the ball – this also requires a good pass from the coach!

  • Player A runs to the cone, controls the ball, turns round the cone, then cuts back to go round the centre post, from where he tries to beat the goalkeeper with a right footed shot at goal.
  • You then pass for the player on your right hand side to run onto, he controls with his right foot, cuts back and goes around the centre cone to unleash a left foot shot.