Shooting soccer drill to coach defensive tactics

Shooting games are great for coaching players to use defensive soccer tactics – especially when the defender must win the ball to create a chance to shoot.

By working on individual defensive strategies, your players will have to deal with a lot of 1v1s, which are crucial in matches. This soccer coaching session provides your defenders with a range of opponents to test themselves against.

Key factors in 1v1 defending:

  • Pressure the opponent quickly.
  • Keep focused on the ball.
  • Force the attackers wide or backwards.
  • Can the ball be won?

This is a great game because it is fast and your defenders are facing different situations in a short space of time.

Soccer drills for 1v1 defending

Soccer drill set up

  • Use a 40 yards by 40 yards playing area with a five yards by five yards central square marked out by four cones.
  • Set up four target goals, one on each side of the playing area, and lots of balls.

How to run the soccer drill

  • One player starts in the centre while the other four players start in front of the goals. The player in the centre collects a ball and attacks a goal of his choice.
  • If the player scores, they race to retrieve a new ball in order to attack the next goal in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • However, if the defender stops the attacker scoring, the roles are reversed and the defender runs out to retrieve a ball to attack the opposite goal. Without defending well, your players do not get the chance to attack and score.

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