Soccer coaching drill for controlling high balls

I’ve been getting my young players to use soccer drills that work on controlling high balls. It’s a soccer skill that players need to set themselves up for a shot at goal.
I can remember Eric Cantona of Manchester Utd and Leeds fame commenting that every night he threw balls high into the air and controlled them as they hit the ground.

I've been using a soccer coaching drill practised by the coaches at Barcelona, which advances that simple drill and covers these points:

  • Bringing down high balls.

  • Close control.
  • Setting up the shot.
  • Accurate shooting.

The only pieces of equipment you need for this soccer drill are four cones, a ball and a goal with target areas marked out. Put a couple of cones a few yards in from the posts on either side of the goal and call these the target areas. Put four cones in a 10 yard square around the penalty spot so the penalty spot is in the middle.

Drill tips

  • Players must start with their back or side to goal.

  • Juggle the ball three or four times, then kick high.
  • Keep the ball inside the zone around the penalty spot.
  • Finish in the target areas either side of the goal.