Soccer coaching session to encourage shots from a distance

Goals are scored from a range of areas, not just from shots inside the box. Improving players’ attitude and willingness to shoot from a distance will increase the team’s chances of scoring.

You should always praise and encourage young soccer players who are willing to shoot, even if the shot is not a good one. This soccer coaching session will help your players have the courage to try a shot from distance.

Soccer coaching session to encourage long distance shots

Set up soccer coaching session

Use a 40 yards by 30 yards area with two goals, two goalkeepers and a halfway line at 20 yards.

How to play it

Players take turns to dribble, complete a skill and shoot at goal from behind the halfway line.

Develop the soccer drill

  • Each team has three players inside the defending half and two playerrs inside the attacking half.
  • The aim of this drill is to create space in a 3v2 situation in order to shoot at goal from inside your own half.
  • As the attackers outnumber the defenders, they should always be able to create a shooting opportunity.

How to advance the drill

Allow the players to show disguise when they are pressured and make a clever pass to a forward to shoot. This shows good decision making.

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