Soccer coaching session to get players combining for shots on goal

This soccer training session shows the advantage of forwards playing off each other and combining with the midfield to create scoring opportunities but it is designed for coaching advanced players. It will not work with young or inexperienced players.

Coach your attackers to get involved in the build-up. They'll need good support from midfielders who must move quickly to combine with the attacker.

soccer training session to get attackers combining before playing ball into space for shot on goal

Coaching drill set up

  • Set up an area 40 yards x 30 yards with goals at both ends of the area.

  • The starting player passes to the attackers who combine quickly before playing the ball into space for the starting player to shoot at goal.
  • Once the player has shot they replace one of the attackers in the centre. The player they replace joins the back of one of the lines.
  • The game runs in alternate directions so the next ball would be played in by player B in the first picture above.

Develop the drill

  • Using the same formula as above, player A passes into the attackers but this time they combine to release the starting player for a cross. The attacker that received the starting pass has to turn and try to score from the cross.

  • They then take a part in the build-up for the next attack. This can get quite hectic as players try to remember what they should do when.

Tony Carr is the Academy Director of West Ham United in the English Premier League and the editor of the Smart Sessions soccer coaching plans – they come in advanced and core versions. You can get Smart Sessions dropping into your inbox every week by clicking here.

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