Soccer coaching tips for strikers

A useful soccer coaching tip for your young strikers is to get them to make the 18-yard box their home, as 80 per cent of goals are scored from here.

Key soccer coaching tips for strikers

  • Too many strikers hang around the fringes of the action, instead of being drawn – automatically – to the area where they pose the greatest threat: the 18-yard box.

  • Strikers need to impact the soccer (football) game with their skills. Your young soccer players need to worry the defence, even when they haven’t got the ball.
  • That cannot be one from the half way line or from the corner flag.
  • Keep encouraging your strikers to “step over the line” and coach them to get into the penalty area, whenever they can.

What to say to your strikers:

  • "If shooting is your first priority, getting into the box is your second priority.”

  • “Without straying offside, get into that 18-yard area whenever you can. Just being there raises the anxiety level of the opposition defenders and goalkeepers.”
  • “Their 18-yard area is your home. Don’t wait for an invitation."

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