Soccer drill for long range shooting

Long-range shooting has a big role to play in youth soccer. If you can, get a couple of early long-range shots in at the opposition goalkeeper before they have had a chance to settle down. You will often see them fumble the ball or not see it at all and give chances to players running in, or the ball will end up in the net because the opposition were not expecting the shot.
The following training drill is aimed at improving two vital soccer skills, the long range shot and scoring using the secondary chances that result from it.

Get your players into pairs and work on the key techniques and skills. These start with a crisp, accurate pass between the two players, a run and set up for the shot making sure the players follow up.

working on the soccer skills to get long range shots in the goal

Set up the soccer drill

  • In an area approx 50 x 30 yards, the players divide into two columns at the ends. Two attackers stand in the middle third and one group operates at a time in a rotational practice.

  • The passing sequence and subsequent cross and finish are numbered as shown. First ball is played into a server (1), played wide on first touch (2). The original passer follows the ball and shoots for goal (3) the server follows up at the far post for rebounds (4).
  • The grey team goes first then the white team in the same sequence.
  • The pairs rotate positions so all practise each role in the sequence. Servers becomes attacker and attackers become servers.