Soccer drill for swerve shots

Swerving the ball using the inside of the foot is easier than with the outside. But learning this rarely used skill with the outside of the foot will give players the option of using the same foot to bend shots either side of their opponents.
How to swerve the ball

  • Have a straight approach.

  • Place the non-kicking foot alongside, but slightly behind the ball.
  • Have the kicking foot pointed down diagonally towards the inside, with the ankle locked.
  • Use the outside of the instep and strike the inside of the ball (the side nearest the player).
  • The kicking foot moves across the body.
  • Follow through.

Coaching players to swerve the ball using the inside and outside of the foot

How to set up the drill for swerving the ball

  • Use a penalty area at one end of a pitch.

  • Have three servers spaced equally across the penalty area between the 6- and 18-yard areas.
  • Place three disc cones/markers, equally spaced just outside the penalty area.
  • Have three ball boys behind the goal to return balls to the servers.

Run the soccer drill

  • Starting from the right, players line up at the first disc cone. The first player receives a pass from the right side server, opposite. He then attempts to swerve the ball around the server before moving to the next cone and repeating.

  • Players have an attempt at each disc cone/marker before rejoining the back of the line.
  • Repeat two or three times before rotating the ball boys, servers and shooters. Repeat the entire soccer drill from the left side of the pitch, with players using their left foot.
  • Play 4v4 in an area approximately 40 yards by 25 yards with two mini target goals at each end. Teams are awarded extra points for scoring goals with the outside of the foot.

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