Soccer drill to boost volley skills

Coaching your players to volley will give them the technique to score goals when the ball is bouncing or when they're receiving flighted passes. Use the following unopposed soccer drill and coaching tips to get them practising these vital soccer skills.
What to look for in this volley soccer drill

  • Shooting and scoring goals.

  • Developing technique for kicking the ball when it’s not on the ground.

Key soccer coaching tips

Get your players to think about:

  • Directing the ball straight ahead.

  • Observing the goalkeeper’s position.
  • Keeping head steady, eyes on the ball.
  • Let ball fall as low as possible.
  • Head and knee over ball to keep the volley down.
  • Lock ankle, point toes down, use laces.
  • Strike middle to bottom half of ball but not underneath.
  • Hit through vertical mid-line keeping leg straight.
  • Use arms for balance.
  • Follow through.

Soccer drill to get players working on volley skills, first with unopposed drill

Drill set up

You need to use a goal and a cone which is 20 yards from the goal – you can change the distance based on the age and ability of your players, several balls and players acting as ball boys.

How to run the soccer drill

Players line up behind a cone 20 yards from the goal. Each player takes a turn at tossing a ball upwards towards the goal and sprinting after it. They let the ball bounce once and volley it at the goal. Make sure players practise using both feet using the right technique.

Extend the soccer drill

  • Introduce a goalkeeper to the drill.

  • Introduce players or a coach or helper to serve the ball from the left and right.
  • Get players to volley the ball before it bounces.

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