Soccer drill to control turn and shoot

This soccer coaching session teaches players to create space and take a shot after they receive the ball with their backs to goal. It is an art for attackers to turn defenders when facing away from the goal, otherwise they will lose the ball.
What players should think about in this soccer (football) drill

  • Communication – verbal, signal or movement?

  • Create space by moving the defender before receiving the ball. Can the attacker make an angle?
  • Good first touch – do they control or turn first time?
  • Quick turn – disguise? Hook turn?
  • Shooting – laces or side foot? Aim low for the corners and look for accuracy before power.

Set up turn and shoot soccer drill

Set up a 15 yards by 5 yards area, split into two (5 yards by 5 yards and 10 yards by 5 yards). Place it centrally at the edge of a penalty area (closer depending on the players' age and ability). This works best with four players.

How to run the drill

One player, the forward, who must stay inside the 5 yards by 5 yards area, faces three servers spaced equally apart at one end of the playing area. Each server has a supply of balls.

The forward calls for a pass from one of the servers, who passes the ball to them. The forward then must control the pass, turn and shoot into the empty goal. As soon as the forward shoots, they turn back and call for another pass from a different server. Repeat 10 times.

Soccer drill to get players turning and shooting

Encourage forwards to turn both to the left and right and to shoot with either foot. Rotate players so everyone has a go at being the forward.

Develop the soccer drill

There are several possible developments to this drill, including:

  • Limiting the number of touches the forward can have.

  • Adding a goalkeeper.
  • Adding a passive defender.
  • Making the defender active.

How to play it

Play a 4×4 (plus 2 goalkeepers) but award extra points for forwards who receive the ball with their backs to goal before turning to shoot.

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