Soccer drill to get players shooting at an angle

Use this soccer (football) drill to get your young attackers shooting from angles. You are coaching them to use basic football tactics that will make it much harder for the goalkeeper to dive across and save the shot.
Soccer drill to get players shooting from an angle

Set up soccer (football) drill

  • Use half the pitch and a normal sized goal – use whichever size your team is using in the matches it plays.

  • Decide on which players you want to practise shooting, plus you need your goalkeeper – one of your helpers can take the rest of your squad in another training drill or work on their general fitness skills.

Run the football practice

  • In position 1 the passer plays the ball into the attacker who must either take one touch before striking the shot or shoot first-time.

  • In position 2 tell your players to hit the shot first-time into the corner of the net.
  • He now goes to the back of the queue and the first passer becomes the shooting player.
  • Repeat this drill for all players taking part. Play the football drill for around 20 minutes.

How to change the drill

  • You can add a defender to close down the shooting player.

  • Set up on the other side of pitch so they can change the shooting foot or set up two simultaneous sessions with another goal opposite with two groups of players.
  • Tell your players to pass into the players' feet to narrow or increase the shooting angle.

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