Soccer drill to get strikers back onside to score

Although this is a soccer coaching session to get strikers running back onside once they have taken a shot, it is also a good movement and agility soccer drill for all strikers to show their ability to move quickly to the ball when passed from different angles.

This is an unopposed soccer drill which helps improve technique and movement, and gives players the confidence to attack their opponent’s goal.

Strikers have to be alert so they can move quickly to the ball for a second chance to score, once they have got back onside.

unopposed soccer drill for striker skills

player movement bar

Set up striker skills soccer drill

Use a 40 yards by 30 yards playing area with two cones, two mannequins (or poles/cones), a goal and a goalkeeper.

In this soccer coaching session I have used six outfield players and two coaches.

How to play it

  • The attacker dribbles, completes a skill (such as a step over) and shoots at goal.
  • Now the attacker reacts to quickly run back onside.
  • Once in position the attacker makes another run behind the mannequin as you (or the other coach) plays a second ball into space.
  • The forward races after the ball and completes a second shot at goal.

How to rotate players

The attacker joins the back of the opposite queue ready for their next turn.

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