Soccer drill to improve scoring instincts

This is an excellent soccer drill to get your players ready to score goals on match days. It’s all about improving shooting and heading skills. But most of all your players are going to have a lot of fun doing it.

Drill the team to score goals

Getting your players scoring more goals means you are going to have to make them into good predators. They need to be instinctive in front of goal so they can take their chances when they come.

  • Penalties are important.

  • Shots from the edge of the box are important.

  • So are close range headers.

If you get your players to take these chances then you are developing the right skills to win matches. They are the three ways good chances will present themselves to your team. If you train using this soccer drill you will encourage your players to be instinctive in front of goal.

Three ways to score

Tell your players the first one to score a hat-trick wins.

  • Set the drill up so that you have a goal with a goalkeeper. You stand on one side of the goal with a helper on the other side.
  • Each player has three chances to score. They are aiming to score with each chance and be the first to get a hat-trick.
  • Get them to start with a penalty, as soon as they have shot, the coach plays a ball to the edge of the area where the player has to run to the ball and shoot as he turns back to the goal. One of your helpers then throws the ball in the air to him and he has to score with his head.

It’s a good, quick soccer drill to develop instincts in front of the goal. And your players will love doing this soccer drill, they’d stay at training all night if they could, trying to get that elusive hat-trick.

Key soccer coaching tips: Tell your players they have to think and move quickly to be in position to score the goals.