Soccer drill to put 1v1 shooting skills to the test

To improve your attackers’ chances of scoring in 1v1s, you need to test the skills discussed in Soccer coaching tips to help attackers in 1v1 against the keeper. Once you have told your players how to do this, advance the drill so they are receiving a pass and running into the penalty area.

Remind your attackers about the soccer coaching tips they’ve been given in the above article:

  • Take a good first touch.
  • Pick your spot.
  • Compose yourself.
  • Shoot!

Tell your players it is harder for the goalkeeper to reach the ball if it’s hit low along the floor. A key soccer coaching tip is to aim for the corners of the goal where it is hardest to get the ball.

Tell your players a powerful shot is most likely to beat the goalkeeper.

Set up the drill like this:

soccer drill to get attackers practising 1v1 shooting skills

Soccer drill tips

  • Set up two pairs of corner flags centrally in a goal. Split the players into two lines about 20m from goal with a server between them.
  • The server plays the ball to either side and the player on that side reacts by running onto the pass, taking a touch to control the ball, then shooting. A point is awarded for a goal, but bonus points are given if the ball goes between either of the outer two flags and the posts.
  • After taking the shot, the player joins the other line.
  • When players are on the side that doesn’t favor their strong foot, encourage them to use the weaker one.
  • Get the server to vary the delivery in the drill by bouncing the ball so the players have to hit volleys. Or make the server change their position in the drill, so the players have to hit the ball coming towards them or across them.

Extend the drill

Other ways of increasing the difficulty of the drill and extending the players’ skills include insisting on a first-time shot on goal, introducing a time limit, or adding a defender.