Soccer shooting drills

Here are 10 soccer shooting drills for coaches looking to turn their players into predators in front of goal. 

Click on the headings for in-depth instructions on how to implement the soccer shooting drills.

1. Accurate shooting

Accuracy is more important than power. If your players are not getting shots on target, they will not score. The power will come later in these drills which will see the players switch between striking a stationary and a rolling ball.

2. Long distance shooting

This is a basic long distance shooting drill that should take place just outside the penalty area. You feed balls to the player who will hit the shot first time. Make sure you change up your delivery so that the player has balls coming in at different angles and speeds.

3. Shooting from a narrow angle

These drills will teach your players to hit a shot from a narrow angle across the penalty area. Looking up to see where the goalkeeper is, keeping their eyes on the ball and their shots down are important skills for your players to learn when it comes to shooting from a narrow angle.

4. Shooting across goal

Getting your players to shoot across goal is important because even if the initial effort does not go in there is always the chance of a rebound if the goalkeeper saves but does not hold onto the ball. Make sure your players are shooting for the far corner when carrying out this drill. 

5. Shooting with left or right foot

Even at the top level, strikers can often be seen wasting presentable chances because they lack the confidence to shoot with their weaker foot. If practised enough times your players will start to have more confidence on their weaker foot.

6. Shooting from a cross

This drill will teach your players to get an angle on the ball when connecting with a cross into the area. A shot into one of the corners is harder to save and this drill will get your players connecting with the ball in a way that is more like a pass than a shot. 

7. Control, turn and shoot

Players in attacking positions often receive the ball with their back to goal, meaning that if they want to get a shot away, they must control and turn first. Start the drill off without a goalkeeper before adding one later when the players are more confident. 

8. Volleying

This drill will teach your players to hit a volley hard and straight. Looking up to see where the goalkeeper is, keeping a steady head and letting the ball fall as low as possible are key when learning the art of volleying. 

9. Bicycle kick

It is all about timing when executing a bicycle kick. This drill will teach players to get into line with the ball, jump up leaving their kicking foot on the floor and whip their kicking leg off the floor into the ball. A difficult skill to master but an impressive way to score.

10. The swerve shot

This drill will help your players take the goalkeeper by surprise with shots that swerve in the air. Teach players to use the outside of the instep and strike the inside of the ball. The diagrams show the sort of trajectory the ball should be taking after being struck.

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