Small sided shots on goal game

This is a simple small-sided soccer game to play in front of goal with your young soccer (football) players to get them shooting using their right and left foot.

Small-sided soccer game to get players using their left and right foot

Game set up

  • Set up a player on the edge of the penalty area (2).

  • You, the soccer coach, stand to one side and add a line of players the other side (1).
  • Player 1 passes to player 2 who returns it so that player 1 can run into the penalty area and shoot with his left foot.
  • Player 2 then runs to receive a ball from the soccer (football) coach, and turns and dribbles into the penalty area to shoot with his right foot.
  • Player 1 takes the place of player 2 who goes to the back of the queue.

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