Two goal small sided soccer game

This simple small-sided game is a good way to end your soccer coaching session. You can watch your players in attacking and defending situations and see if you've got your soccer coaching points across.

Play normal soccer (football) and look out for your players winning possession, playing through balls, using their finishing and defending skills against attacking movement.

2 goal small sided soccer game to practise through balls, finishing, defending skills

Set up two goal small sided game

  • Pitch size: 30 yards by 20 yards.

  • Two teams of four players.
  • Two goalkeepers.

Rules of the game

  • Play for a set time period, then change ends.

  • The goalkeepers can change with their teams or stay in the same goal and play for the opposite team.
  • No offsides.
  • If the ball leaves play, you have a few restart options:
  1. The soccer (football) coach passes a new ball onto the pitch.

  2. The players take a roll in.
  3. The players take a throw in.
  4. The players make a pass in.
  5. The players dribble in.

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