Soccer coaching drill for 1v1 skills

If your young soccer players are always losing out in 1v1s it is probably because they don’t work on these skills enough in your soccer coaching drill sessions. Use the following soccer coaching tips to get them back on the road to stardom.

In your training drills, start with two equal-sized players with a single ball in a grid about three-yards square and have them work on holding the ball by using simple rolls, pullbacks and other skills and touches to shield the ball.

Once your players realise that they have the skills to keep an opponent from stealing the ball, they will gain the confidence to lift their heads up and find another player to pass off to.

Until your players can hold a ball 1v1 in a grid for a count of around seven to eight seconds, they are not going to have enough confidence to hold up the ball and do well during matches.

Start the soccer training drill by getting players to hold the ball up for a few seconds, then build on that.