Soccer coaching session for passing and turning skills

Sometimes players have their backs to the way they want to go and have to turn with the ball before they run with it or play a pass. Use this simple passing and turning game to help both the passers of the ball and the receiver. Another bonus of this exercise is that the players are changing position all the time, so everyone is involved.

When players need to turn with the ball before they run, it is often an unopposed move, because the player has run back into space and just needs to turn and go. When they are in this position a player needs a good ball, which they can control and turn on, keeping the momentum going. A pass which is too light or heavy will not help the receiving player.

Passing and turning soccer coaching game

Set up soccer coaching game

  • Use a 15 yards by 5 yards channel, marked out by three sets of cones.
  • You need groups of players at each end and a player in the middle. The players and ball will go through the middle of the cones.

How to play it

  • The player in the middle receives a pass from one of the outside players.
  • The middle player makes a turn, then passes out and joins that group.
  • The outside player who passed into the middle player, becomes the new middle player.
  • The soccer coaching drill continues for a set period of time.
  • The players can use a turn of their choice, including:

Open body turn.
Open legs and flick.
Open legs and dummy.

Click the link for a shuttle passing soccer drill.

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