Turning drill to improve strikers’ reaction time

In this drill set up two attackers in front of goal on the edge of the “D” just outside the penalty area.

You place the balls for each of them and on your call they turn and shoot. You can make it harder by giving them an area of the goal that they have to hit like “top corner” or simply “middle”.

You’ll need ball boys for this one or you’ll spend a lot of time retrieving balls.


How to play it

  • Set it up as in the pictures above.
  • You can use up to four players on the edge of the area.
  • If you coach at mini, seven or eight-a-side, use your penalty area or place the ball about eight yards from the goal. For 11-a-side put the ball 18 yards away.
  • On your call, players turn and shoot.

You can get even more out of the exercise by adding your goalkeeper into the equation and calling out which striker should shoot so the goalkeeper has to react fast to try and save the shot.

This is a good reaction test for your goalkeeper as well as an accuracy test for the strikers. However, it is best not to call “top corner” because you’ll be letting your goalkeeper know where the ball is likely to go!

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