Fun soccer warm up drill to help players focus

This is a great soccer warm-up drill, which you can use during a coaching session to get your players' minds back in focus. It involves playing a soccer skills game and has a competitive angle.

Set up soccer warm-up

  • In a 15m x 15m square put four cones on the corners with a ball on each of them.

  • Put your two teams on either side outside the square. One team are attackers and the other team are defenders.
  • They go head to head in the square, one player from each side at a time.
  • The defender must mirror the attacker's movements.
  • The attacker tries to lose the defender and race to knock a ball off one of the cones.
  • Can the defender react and beat the attacker to the cone?
  • The defender is allowed to go shoulder-to-shoulder or use their arms to hold off the attacker but he must not commit a foul.
  • Switch roles for the next attack. 

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