Simple soccer skills drill to warm up before a new season

Preparing for the start of a new soccer season? Use this simple, soccer drill to coach the essential basics of the game – ball control, movement with the ball, accurate shooting and beating an opponent.

In this soccer coaching session, you don’t need to race players against each other because that isn’t fair on the slower ones, who may be able to do the drills with more skill and finesse but lose out because of their speed. What I want to see is players eager to finish the soccer drill by doing it quicker the second time they do it.

This means you are going to have to keep scores and names handy so you can check on players’ progress. I also prefer to use poles for this, so the effect is more like a slalom. Use cones if you don’t have access to poles.

Soccer coaching session for basic skills practice

How to run the soccer coaching session

  • Your player dribbles the ball in and out of the poles, goes around either side of the cone by selling a dummy or skill move and follows up with a shot on goal.
  • In diagram two, the player does the same movement but has to beat the goalkeeper at the end.
  • In diagram three, the player faces a defender as well.

Key soccer coaching tips:

  • Tell your players you want to see close control and the use of both feet through the poles.
  • When they are faced with the cone, they must try to show a feint or skill, not just run around it.
  • They can use any shooting technique they like – inside or outside of their foot, laces or even a chip, the most important thing is to hit the target.

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