Soccer coaching drill to get players on the move

This a reaction drill that gets soccer players on the move.

How to set it up:

  • Place a football on each of four cones, arranged in a line.
  • There should be five yards between each cone.
  • Position yourself behind the cones.
  • Your players should be about 15 yards in front of you, lined up in two rows.

Getting started:

  • A soccer player from each row steps forward. They will go 1v1.
  • Get the players to bounce on their toes, ready for the first instruction.
  • Call out a numbered cone. The players must react, sprint and try to be the first to knock the ball off the cone.
  • Players can use their bodies and arms to hold each other off but must not commit a foul.
  • At the end of the move, each player rejoins the back of his queue.

Why this works:

This is a simple and quick drill that gets players mentally and physically tuned in. They’ll take pleasure in outmuscling an opponent in a 1v1 situation, and given that all of their team mates are watching, you can be sure of getting 100% commitment!

This is taken from The Ultimate Soccer Warm-Ups Manual, designed to put fun back into your training and make your sessions easier to coach.

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