Soccer warm up drill with crossway finishing

Simple soccer drills to warm up your players before a game, or before you start an attacking session, are a must. This is an ideal soccer warm-up drill that is easy to do and gets players in the right mind for the soccer coaching session ahead.

Aims of the soccer drill

Sometimes it isn't so easy to move proper goals around so you can use poles or cones to mark out the goal area if you need to make setting up quicker.

This is an alternative to the simple run and shoot soccer drills you often see teams doing before a match. It involves more of your players and is a more effective way of getting young players working at passing and shooting.

You want to see players shooting quickly and hitting the target. You can do it with or without goalkeepers. 

soccer warm up drill with 2 teams. First player to right passes ball into space for first player to run on and shoot.

How to set up the soccer drill

  • Set up a pitch of 30 x 20 yards (minimum) up to 40 x 30 yards (maximum). Two goals and two goalkeepers, arranged as in the diagram.

  • Organise your players into two teams and line them up behind two cones, as in the diagram.

Soccer drill rules

The first player to the right of the pitch must pass the ball into space for the first player in the centre of the pitch to run onto. This player must shoot as quickly as possible.

Immediately after shooting, the next player in the centre passes into space for the next player to the right of the pitch to run onto and shoot. The soccer (football) drill continues in this manner.

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