Soccer warm-up for short passing and quick running

This is a varied warm-up that focuses on short passing and quick running. Players are rehearsing the ability to communicate early while concentrating on the weight and type of the pass. They must always be on their toes and, at no time, should the ball stop dead.

How to set it up:

  • Mark out two lines 20 yards apart.
  • Arrange your players into two groups. Groups start on opposite touchlines.
  • Place a cone on each side of the playing area.
  • Place a player from each team on a cone.

Getting started:

  • In this warm-up, two balls work continuously at the same time.
  • The passing player must communicate with the receiving player.
  • The passing player can either instruct the receiving player to “turn” or to “set”. If turning, the receiver collects the pass, twists, and dribbles towards the opposite touchline. If setting and spinning, the receiver touches the ball back to the server, who advances and lays a short pass. The receiver then plays this back to the group.
  • After every phase, the passing player takes up the receiving position.


  • You can add various movements to receive such as:
  • Going away and then back to receive a pass to feet.
  • Coming short and then spinning away for a pass into space.

This soccer game is from The Ultimate Soccer Warm-Ups Manual

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