Soccer warm-up to get players moving and more alert

This is a great warm-up. It not only gets your players’ muscles working, it is also aimed at making them more alert before a match.

Key elements

Movement, agility and vision.

How it works

  • Two groups of players stand on either side of a row of four different coloured cones placed fives yards away.
  • The players react to your call and run to the appropriate cones.
  • The players touch the cones in the order you call out, and then sprint out of the nearest end.
  • Players then join the opposite queue.
  • An example would be “white and black”, as shown in the diagram. Make sure you keep advancing the warm-up with combinations of colours so your players are thinking about what they are doing.
  • Mix the colours around so they do not become too familiar.

This warm-up is from The Ultimate Soccer Warm-Ups Manual. With 126 examples, The Ultimate Soccer Warm-Ups Manual is designed to put fun back into your training and make your sessions easier to coach.

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