1v1 soccer drills

This selection of 1v1 soccer drills and games will prepare your players for match situations. 1v1 soccer situations occur naturally in a game and it is important your players are ready, whether they are on the defensive or going forward.

    • Quick soccer drill for 1v1 skills – Working on 1v1 is important and this soccer drill is ideal for this and great for soccer coaches because it’s quick and doesn’t leave the rest of the squad standing around getting bored.




    • Soccer coaching drill for 1v1 skills – If your young soccer players are always losing out in 1v1s it is probably because they don’t work on these skills enough in your soccer coaching drill sessions. Use the following soccer coaching tips to get them back on the road to stardom.


    • Soccer end zone alley drill to coach 1v1 defending – 1v1 defending should be seen as an important part of your soccer coaching programme. Your players will respond better on match days when they know how to tackle 1v1 situations. The only way to achieve this is with repeated practice but you can make defending skills drills more fun with the help of this end zone alley soccer drill.



    • 1v1 soccer drill to get attackers finding space – Young attackers often find themselves in situations where they are facing a single defender and have to make decisions as they look for space so they can get past them and score. In this coaching session, the 1v1 soccer drill gives your attacker a good test in attempting to create space to score.


    • Soccer drill to improve 1v1 defending – This soccer coaching session is about improving your players’ skills to defend in 1v1s by getting into a good starting position and dictating the direction of play. These soccer drills will make better defenders and show players how to reap the rewards of winning possession.



    • 1v1 soccer drill for possession skills – When you want to start coaching your football (soccer) players to develop a competitive edge, I find it best to work them in 1v1s where they are concentrating only on their opponent and the ball. This is a good soccer drill to use for a warm-up exercise, too.








    • 1v1 soccer shoot and defend drill – Reacting swiftly is a vital part of any soccer attacker’s skill, especially when faced with different problems to solve in order to create goal scoring chances. The ball will be passed to the attacker and he might have to pass, dribble or shoot, depending on the scenario that opens up in front of him.




    • Soccer warm-up 1v1 session – This is a great warm-up, called “Bounce and react” and is by Michael Beale. It will have your players competing for the ball in 1v1 situations. All you need is four balls and four cones.





    • Winning the 1v1s – Watch any level of football and you will notice players who can win 1v1s find themselves in good positions to create problems for the opposition. This gives a big advantage to your team and means that more goalscoring chances will be created.



    • No Through Road – A simple and continuous game aimed at improving your players in 1v1 situations and developing their all-round tackling abilities


    • Double Jeopardy – If your players struggle to cope when going one-on-one with the keeper, this attacking drill will give them plenty of practice at deciding whether to go around the keeper or shoot


    • Near Post Winners – A fast and furious game to encourage your attackers to use their speed to beat defenders and take the keeper by surprise


  • Scorer – A testing training session that will give your players the opportunity to score goals from varying distances and using different kinds of finishing shot
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