12/5/2019 | Defending

Running backs

This session will help school your players in defending against the many difficult situations that arise from opponents launching long balls down the pitch. MORE

12/4/2019 | Blog

Let them choose

I had a problem this week at training – not only was the pitch waterlogged and we were playing indoors but I had three sessions to choose from and I was scratching my head trying to decide which one we should use. MORE

Arrival activities

07/30/2019 | Warm Ups

Fast feet

A warm-up that will teach your players practise dribbling the ball with two feet and help them to learn how to change direction quickly MORE

07/25/2019 | Warm Ups

Diamonds sharpen skills

This session sharpens an array of soccer skills at the beginning of a season when players need to get their bodies back into balance and refresh their technique on the ball. This is a great session to use for sharpening awareness and coordination. MORE

07/17/2019 | Warm Ups

Bounce and go

A simple warm-up to get your players thinking about speed – both when running without the ball and when dribbling with the ball. MORE

09/10/2019 | Email newsletters

Stop match day mayhem

It was the first matches of the season in youth leagues up and down the country in the UK this week and it has been interesting to see the different reactions from the coaches I know. Most have been excited but some have been back to the “same old thing” with players turning up late and not being ready to play a match. MORE

08/14/2019 | Rondos

Simple rondo

This is a great session to warm up your players through a high intensity possession-based skills practice, with players developing the technical aspects of their game that can be used in high-pressure match scenarios. MORE

09/26/2019 | Email newsletters

Get sleepy heads ready to play

Warm ups or arrival activities are the best way to get fuzzy minds focused on the game ahead. Afterall you don't want to be 3-0 down after 10 minutes before they wake up and react to the fact they are playing a game. MORE

06/21/2019 | Warm Ups

Foot soldiers

This simple unopposed warm-up is easy to set up and is perfect to get players in the mood for training or to get their feet moving before a match MORE

05/27/2019 | Arrival activities

Passing pairs

Straight from the Fulham Academy training ground, this arrival activity will help develop your team’s ability to use both feet and to pass accurately. MORE

Small-Sided Games

11/28/2019 | Defending

Changing of the guard

Reacting to quick transitions is key to this session, as is holding onto the ball under pressure. This includes using clever play to shield the ball and get passes away. MORE

11/27/2019 | Ball Control and Footwork

Technical development

Every young player in your team needs to feel comfortable to have the ball at his feet all the time - especially in tight areas of the pitch. The final part gives ownership of the session to the players. MORE

11/24/2019 | Passing

Score in every direction

This training session is all about the ability to control the ball by passing in tight areas, taking advantage of moments of transition, and being coordinated to change the direction and angle of attack. MORE

How to coach winning mentality drills- part 1

12/6/2019 | Practice plans

A winning mentality

Instilling a winning mentality in your team can result in a positive outcome on your results. Doing this can help players win their 1v1 duels. The practices in this coaching plan encourage both good defending, attacking and concentration skills. MORE

How to coach keepers to collect crosses - part 1

12/6/2019 | Practice plans

The cross collector

Dealing with crosses as part of a defensive unit is a large part of a goalkeeper’s job. That, is why it is vital to spend time on the practice ground helping your goalkeeper with their positioning, communication and punching and catching skills. “The cross collector” shows you how. MORE

How to coach passing in threes - part 1

11/29/2019 | Practice plans

Passing in threes

Teams such as Barcelona and Swansea base their games on dominating possession of the ball. You can get your players doing the same with this drill. MORE

11/4/2019 | Tactics

Offside: decoy vehicles

All players need to know how to beat the offside trap and how to stay onside, particularly forwards and midfielders. This session will help them learn how to do it. MORE

11/3/2019 | Tactics

Offside: static defence

Sometimes it’s hard to explain the basics of the offside rule to children, so this training session helps them to learn by showing it to them in action. MORE

10/29/2019 | Defending

Strikers press defenders

Often a lone striker will be pressing a three man defence which can be a frustrating job. Get your strikers to practice their pressing techniques against three defenders. MORE

10/20/2019 | Tactics

Play back time

Try using this training game to encourage your team to build up patiently until an opportunity for a lightning fast attack presents itself. Players learn to work the ball from the back four to the front players. MORE

Youth team


Generate a hunger for the ball

A couple of weeks ago I was on a course discussing what got youth players thinking during a game and how they could react to that. If their team has the ball what should they be thinking about and if they have lost the ball how should they react. MORE


How to defend counter attacks

It is all well and good if you have a goalkeeper who is confident enough to clear counter attacks or long balls over the defence – but that is a rare quality in the youth game. You have to put in plans to stop this kind of attack. MORE


Twin strikers can solve youth scoring problems

I was watching a match on TV this week and there was a wonderful example of twin strikers creating space to score a goal. One striker ran towards the near post dragging the defence with him and the other targeted the back post heading into the net unmarked. It works well in youth football MORE

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