Scott Rosberg

Scott Rosberg has been a coach (basketball, soccer, & football) at the high school level for 30 years, an English teacher for 18 years, and an athletic director for 12 years.  He has published seven booklets on coaching and youth/school athletics, two books of inspirational messages and quotes for seniors and graduates, and a newsletter for athletic directors and coaches.  He also speaks to schools, teams, and businesses on a variety of team-building, leadership, and coaching topics.  Scott has a blog and a variety of other materials about coaching and athletic topics on his website.

Sessions by Scott Rosberg

Teach your players how to behave

in Psychology, Team Management

One of our most important roles as coaches is teaching kids how to behave properly. But more often than not He or she just chooses to ignore bad behaviour. They may be afraid of the consequences of confrontation within the team and with the parents. Whatever the reason, this fear of addressing improper behaviour is doing us all a disservice. MORE

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