Steve Watson

One day my young son’s soccer coach either retired or just gave up ( I can’t remember which) and the club approached the parents for a volunteer to run the team. For some reason, I put my hand up and – hey presto! – I was a youth soccer coach!

Soccer drills and small-sided games by Steve Watson

Attack! Attack!

in Fun soccer games, Other, Soccer drills and skills

Age group: U7 – U14 Set up: Create a 20 x 30 playing area. This might seem like a big area for just four players but the big space will create more breakaway situations and will encourage players to run into spaces during matches.   Place a small goal on each end line. Split your... MORE

Side Supports diagram: the side players support the team in possession.

Side Supports

in Passing, Soccer drills and skills

For the youngest players, the concept of passing to keep possession is tricky to grasp. This drill gives extra support to the team in possession to help players understand what's required. MORE

Motivational talks

5 tips to motivate your players

in Psychology, Tips and advice

Young soccer players all want to play as well as they can, win matches and generally enjoy the 'beautiful game'. But that natural enthusiasm can be quickly knocked out of them if their coaches and parents don't understand and apply the basic principles of player motivation. MORE

steal the ball part1

Steal The Ball

in Ball Control and Footwork, Small Sided Games

Here’s a great game that improves ball control, as well as practising communication, shielding the ball and supporting play. Players need to be alert and listen out for their number to be called by the coach – will they remember it! How to play it Create two 20×10-yard boxes with a two-yard space in between. Split your players... MORE

George Best Game featured image

The George Best Game

in Small Sided Games, Soccer dribbling drills

This game is named after the late George Best – one of the most skilful players ever to grace the game. It is designed to encourage a quick passing style of play plus the freedom to dribble and run at defenders when in the final third. Age group: U8 – U14 Set up: create a... MORE

Monster tag session featured image

“Monster Tag” for 4-6 year olds

in Small Sided Games, Soccer dribbling drills

Improve the dribbling abilities of the youngest players in this fun “Monster Tag” game. Objective: to improve co-ordination, dribbling skills Age group: 4-6 Set up: create a playing area big enough for all your players to run around in. How to play: All the players are inside the grid and all but three have a... MORE

Throw-in game featured image

5v5 small-sided game to teach your players to take...

in Small Sided Games

Objective: A small-sided game to encourage quick throw ins and movement off the ball. Age range: U7 upwards Set up: Create a 30×40 playing area with goals at both ends. Using flat cones, mark out two 5×5 yard boxes on each side line. The boxes should be placed about ten yards from each goal. Divide... MORE

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