How the hell do I coach a 3 year...

in Ask Dave

The question: I’m a coach of three to four year olds and yesterday was my first ever practice. I was so nervous that I let the session over-run and I forgot the warm-up. Could you tell me what a typical lesson at this level of soccer looks like because I really don’t have a clue!... MORE

I need a doctor small sided game

“I Need A Doctor!” small sided game

in Ball Control and Footwork, Small Sided Games

I Need a Doctor! is a fun small sided game. It improves players’ co-ordination, dribbling skills and ability to make decisions. Set-up: To play the small sided game, create a 20-yard square with two 4×4 “hospitals” marked within the square with flat cones. Divide your players into two teams. Every player has a ball. How to... MORE

Winning quote

Are you a dreaded Win At All Costs coach?

in Team Management, Tips and advice

Coaches, parents and players all want to win matches. That’s only natural. But enjoyment is replaced by stress if natural competitiveness gives way to a “Win At All Costs” (WAAC) attitude. Answer the following five questions HONESTLY. Assume your team is aged between six and eleven and you’re playing seven a side soccer in a... MORE

How to stop players misbehaving

Why are your players misbehaving at practice?

in Soccer coaching, Tips and advice

The main reason why children misbehave at football practice sessions is that they are being coached by someone who: a) doesn’t understand why children want to participate in football or, b) expects their players to do things they are simply not capable of doing. If you want to keep misbehavior to a minimum at your... MORE

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