Coach your players with our lesson plans

Covering a range of topics and aimed at players 12+, our new lesson plans are a valuable tool in developing students of the game, giving them:

  • The ability to read the game and how to influence it
  • A stronger connection between what’s being coached and why
  • A wider understanding of how games can be won or lost

The lessons are versatile giving you the flexibility to use them in a way that best suits you. Designed to take around 30 minutes you can devote as much or as little as time allows to bring your players up to speed.

As coaches and teachers ourselves, we’ve seen the best lesson plans in the world fall apart for almost every reason you can imagine so we designed these lessons to be as easy to deliver as possible, with little or no background in teaching.

Read on for more information or, to get stuck in, check out the first lessons here:

Lesson Plan 1 – Create Space

Lesson Plan 2 – Support

Lesson Plan 3 – Movement

Lesson Plan 4 – Penetration

Lesson Plan 5 – Creativity

Lesson Plan 6 – Pressing

Lesson Plan 7 – Delay

Lesson Plan 8 – Cover and balance

Lesson Plan 9 – Compactness

Lesson Plan 10 – Control and restraint

A convenient way to coach

Our lesson plans put you in control of your players’ soccer knowledge by giving you the tools you need and letting you find the best way to use them.

In Person

You can deliver lessons in person at the clubhouse or in the dressing room. If you have access to a TV screen or projector that’s great. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t. Just print out what you need.

There’s even a slimmed down version that you can present before a training session. You can get busy with your printer and laminator or just use the overview and questions.


If you can’t get your players together in person lessons can be delivered online using Zoom, Facebook Live or any other off-the-shelf conferencing tool. It’s up to you if you want to deliver your class live at a set time, or if you’d rather pre-record it and have players watch in their own time.

You can also be selective. Invite the whole team, playing units or even individual players who would like or would benefit from a stronger understanding of how to play soccer.

Without lifting a finger

These lessons are a great way to engage players’ parents. Forward the files to them and give parents the chance to run through the lesson with their child. It’s a great way to give parents a way to bond with their child over their love of soccer, whilst educating the parent at the same time. And particularly useful if training is cancelled at the last minute because of the weather.

One-off lessons or a regular course – you choose

The lessons fit together to create a regular coaching programme but they’ve been designed to be flexible and can be delivered as standalone classes. Whether your team is struggling in a particular area and you want to focus on it or you just fancy trying something different, you can pick what you want, and deliver it when you want to.

Everything you need at your fingertips

We’ve done the hard work for you. Just follow the notes and show the slides. It’s that easy!

Our lessons give you everything you need to deliver them online or offline, to individuals, groups, teams or even the entire club.

A lesson plan and presentation notes

The lesson plan and presentation notes set out what you’ll be coaching and an outline for how to coach it. I’ll give you the objectives and outcomes, an overview of the 30 minute session, suggested timings, questions to ask and model answers.

Presentation slides

A set of PDF slides to guide your players through the lesson. You can bring them up on screen, email them to players or print them out as needed. There are two versions of the slides, one with embedded videos and one without.

Online quiz

Each lesson comes with an online quiz that I’ve set for players to show they’ve taken everything on board. It’s entirely optional but a great way to show that your class has “stuck” and it gives you a way to reward players with a certificate. There’s no grading and no exam stress for the players!

Players can complete a quiz in their own time to confirm the learning.


I’ve taken the certificate and added that too so you can always choose to present them to players without the need to take the quiz. Simply recognise their participation and encourage them to carry on throughout the course and collect the set.

Follow-up activities

Use your Soccer Coach Weekly membership to choose from a selection of drills, games and session plans I’ve curated from the SCW library and give your players a chance to put what they’ve learnt into practice.

Engage your players

After the class players can go and complete the quiz and earn a certificate plus we give you ideas for additional tasks to keep them thinking about the key takeaways.

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