Time: 30 | Age groups: U12-U16, U17+

Aims and outcomes

Players will understand:

  • How penetration fits into the principles of play
  • What is meant by penetration
  • The different ways to penetrate
  • How penetration fits into tactic

The team will benefit from:

  • Understanding why they focus on certain skills and tactics in training
  • Knowing how to attack more effectively in a game situation

What you'll need

Different class types required different resources. This table sets out what we think you'll need in each scenario, but feel free to amend it if you find something that works for you.

Lesson plan Slides Presentation notes Handout Online course Quiz Activities
Online class Y Y Y Y Y Y
Offline class Y Y Y Y Y
Before training Y Y
During training Y Y


Downloads may open in your browser, depending on your settings. Once you have saved the file, click the back button to return to this table.

File Download
Lesson Plan
Presentation notes


When you've delivered the class you'll want to embed the learning with some practical activities. We recommend trying some or all of the activities below in your coaching sessions to put the theory into practice.

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