Corner kicks

Corner kicks can win and lose games. This section has drills on how to score from corners, how to defend them, and what techniques to coach to your players. We also show you some great ways to coach corner taking and corner defending to your players.


    • Soccer coaching tips and drills for defending corners -Giving players specialist positions during matches can be effective and if you’re conceding a lot of goals from corners, you need a player to stand BIG at the front of your penalty area to block the corner taker. With the help of the following soccer coaching tips and drills, you need never concede from a corner again.


    • Strategy tips for corners -Build a defensive strategy for your team by drilling your players so they know just what they’re doing at set plays, such as defending corners at 11-a-side.
    • Soccer drill to help players take corners – A corner taker must be able to take corners – that means you have to coach him. This is the soccer drill session I use to coach these vital skills. Try it and see what a huge difference it makes to the way your players kick the ball.


    • Coach clever corner positions – Help your soccer players make the most of the situation when they’re taking corners by coaching one or two players – depending on whether it’s 7 or 11-a-side – so that they lurk just outside the penalty area on the corner nearest the corner-taker.





    • Corner trickery soccer drill – Young soccer players love trickery in matches and they enjoy practising these skills during soccer (football) coaching sessions. This corner trick is clever, fun and very effective.


    • Counter attack soccer coaching tips – Coaching your soccer (football) players to stand forward of the near post at corners is an excellent way of winning the ball and starting a quick counter-attack. The opposition will have only one or two players back and if your players react quickly they can charge out of defence and overlap to outnumber the opposition. Use these soccer drill tips to show your players how this works.



  • Successful corners – the drifter – You know the routine, we practise it every week!” – why do most teams have one idea for a corner and stick with it? Corners are a great opportunity to create scoring opportunities because you are taking an unopposed kick close to goal.
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