Attacking build up play (U11 activity)


Attacking build up play


“Look at the player you are passing to” • “Call for the ball” • “Good first touch” • “Accuracy is important” • “Move to the pass”

Put down a centre cone and then mark out a triangle with three cones, each 5 yards from the centre. Stand a player on each of the outer cones and a working player in the centre.

Two of the players on the outer cones have a ball. The first ball is passed into the central player who must receive, then move around the cone quickly and pass the ball to the player who hasn’t got a ball.

The central player must then open himself up to the player who has the other ball ready to receive and again control and move around the cone and pass to the player without a ball. Start slowly but get players to speed up, turning quickly to face the player with the other ball.

Each time the ball must be passed to the open player who has no ball so the session is constantly moving between the outer players.

Try and get the player to focus on being able to see the passer and receiver and glance over their shoulder to check where the other ball is.

How many players do I need?

We used four players in each set up.

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