Attacking build up play (U11 game)


Attacking build up play


“Look at the player you are passing to” • “Call for the ball” • “Good first touch” • “Accuracy is important” • “Move to the pass”

Set up a 30 x 30 yards area with two goals back to back in the centre, create a 10 x 10 yards zone around the goals using cones.

eams play a 6v6 around the area trying to score in either goal – the goalkeepers are neutral. The players cannot enter the 10 yard goalkeeper zone

Play for a set period of 2 minutes to start with. If one team is dominating rearrange your players so the teams are equal.

Explain to the players that they should be scanning the area to see where the spaces on the pitch are and get passes in to them when they create space.

To progress the session you can say that players can score from a header in the goalkeeper zone. You can also squeeze the area making the game harder or open it up if players are finding it difficult to create space.

How many players do I need?

I used 14 players for the session.

Game play

Switch play often.
Shoot from distance.
Score with headers when the option is available.

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